Nonprofit Development Services

Elevate Your Nonprofit's Impact

Nally Ventures is the trusted partner you need to turn your nonprofit's vision into reality. With expertise in project funding, seamless development solutions, and a dedication to maximizing impact, we empower your organization to focus on its core mission while we handle the complexities of project realization. We are a one-stop shop for funding, development, and construction, and we represent our nonprofit clients in all facets of construction projects, big or small. Let us be the catalyst for your success and make a difference together.

Our services include:

  • Project Funding - Our team gets our clients’ projects funded based on their specific needs. We source funding from grants, foundations, commercial lenders, and public donations.
  • Property Acquisition - Our team handles all facets of property acquisition to find our clients the perfect location for their project. We perform the site investigations with a selected team of engineers, architects, and attorneys so we can sort through multiple properties until we identify the right one. We then manage the entire sales cycle from contract signing to closing.
  • Project Entitlement - Our team has over 50 years of experience in taking projects from a conceptual design through final approval. We manage the entire approval process with all applicable government agencies to get our clients’ projects approved to start.
  • Project Management - Once a project is approved, we then manage all site development and building construction until the project is ready to be turned over to our client.
  • Construction Management/General Contracting - Our team serves as the construction manager on our clients’ building projects. This ensures cost control throughout the development process. Our team prides itself on finding creative solutions for our clients and is always working to keep projects on or below budget so that project savings can roll right back to the organizations.

Our Clients

With every service we deliver, we believe in measurable results—both in the short term and the long term. We take pride in our reputation for maximizing our client’s investment.