Improving data management for all stakeholders

We understand the complexity of the real estate industry and the communication breakdowns that occur between owners, design professionals, and general contractors. By implementing project management software with BIM, we eliminate costly assumption gaps to save our clients time and money, increase communication, and deliver projects to the highest quality standards.

Project teams have long needed a way to close information gaps and avoid over-budgeting and redesigning. Building Information Modeling (BIM), the process of creating and managing project information, resolves these issues and allows for increased collaboration to resolve project issues.

We understand that project management software can be cumbersome to implement and maintain. As service providers, we work with you to identify the best-fit software for your project and team. We then set up the systems, train all necessary staff members, and provide ongoing support to enhance communication between design and construction teams, ultimately enabling project success.


In the design phase, BIM project management software allows for coordination between the client/owner, architects, structural engineers and MEP engineers to streamline design issues. Through this collaboration, stakeholder comments can be resolved quickly to reduce rework time. The team will be able to pinpoint and resolve design clashes well before they can become construction issues. This saves money and time by streamlining redesigns, preventing costly change orders, and ensuring the entire team is always informed and aligned. In addition to identifying and setting up the software and conducting training sessions, we provide continuous support to keep your system running smoothly.


Our BIM Software Management services can be extremely useful during the construction phase as well. One of the benefits of BIM is that it keeps everyone on the same page during construction, even when the workflow changes. All design information, assets, materials, schedules, selections, etc., are all stored in one central location. With a cloud-based platform, anyone can access the BIM model or workflow at any time and make adjustments as needed.

Additionally, the automated reporting feature allows the entire team to receive daily notifications on the health of the project. This means everyone gets updated instantly in real-time and ensures everyone is working with the same information. By having a central location for all project resources, you will be able to increase productivity of all team members, reduce avoidable mistakes that consume time and money, and improve the overall quality of the project. We offer additional IT support to help you manage your BIM Software efficiently through:


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