Setting a strong foundation to control cost and risk

A project’s success or failure is often established before construction begins. Our Project Analysis process detects potential issues early on and identifies the optimal project scenarios. The critical decisions made early in a project’s life are key to achieving profitability. We use a variety of cutting-edge technologies to close information gaps that often prohibit stakeholders from making the most informed decisions.

We use generative design technology to provide our clients with the information they need to make the most informed decisions on how to proceed with their projects. Generative design is a two-step process, first setting the design constraints and then developing multiple project scenarios. Generative design allows developers and owners to optimize designs, budgets, and investment models for any site before committing large amounts of capital.

Our Project Analysis includes a dynamic view of the deal by linking density studies, construction costs, and revenue projections. This vital information, delivered in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand package, walks our clients through the different project scenarios to efficiently uncover the highest and best use. Through our Project Analysis, you will:


Our Clients

With every service we deliver, we believe in measurable results—both in the short term and the long term. We take pride in our reputation for maximizing our client’s investment.