Building-in value for operational readiness

Managing a building is no small task. Building systems grow more complex, technologically advanced and interconnected every day. We take away the unknown and increase your team's effectiveness by integrating customized IT solutions throughout the life cycle of the project, with facility management at the forefront.

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a dynamic, up-to-date replica of a physical building. The model uses real-time data to virtually depict how a building is operating, highlight where it may require maintenance, and analyze potential scenarios for how the building will respond to future conditions. Working toward a digital twin throughout the life of a project, even from the early stages of design, accelerates operational readiness and enables long-term operating effectiveness and efficiency.


We work with our clients to identify the desired operational needs and goals and gather the appropriate data to begin the creation of the digital twin during the design process. This process includes:

  • Capturing potential design conflicts that could pose problems for operations.
  • Collecting design data for effective handoff to the construction team.
  • Creating the initial digital twin of the project.

Even if your project has moved into the construction phase, it’s not too late to begin developing your digital twin for a smooth transition to operations. A true digital twin records every step of the construction phase. We work closely with Operations to identify vital data they need before opening, and then coordinate with the construction team to gather the necessary data for the digital twin. The data collected in the construction phase includes assets such as BIM and 3D models, 2D information, schedules, contracts, and other construction documents. Our digital twin services for this phase include:

  • Integrating systems with the General Contractor to collect data on an ongoing basis.
  • Train Operations team in the use of digital twin technology so they can use the data to its fullest extent.
  • Handoff all data in an easy-to-use package so operations can open with confidence.

We implement digital twins of new and existing buildings for operations teams by consolidating information collected from the design and construction phases. By integrating the data from a digital twin into an existing or new CMMS, operators can extend equipment life, maximize staff productivity, reduce unnecessary maintenance expenses, prepare for the next phase of their building, and more. 

Our Clients

With every service we deliver, we believe in measurable results—both in the short term and the long term. We take pride in our reputation for maximizing our client’s investment.