Why is having a digital twin of your facility such a good idea?

What if you could see, monitor, diagnose and optimize every part of your facility from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone? A digital twin makes that possible.

The technology and innovation built into today’s facilities and equipment are both a benefit and a challenge to facility managers. When up and running at peak efficiency, modern buildings provide occupants a safe, comfortable environment while giving owners positive return on their investment. But complexity is also part of the equation. Building systems have become so interconnected that changes in one system can have significant ripple effects—for better or worse. Facility managers need to stay on top of every part of facility operations in order to optimize comfort, safety, efficiency and ROI. This is where a digital twin comes in.

A digital twin is an up-to-date, dynamic 3D model of a building. Using real-time data input, the digital twin shows how a building is operating and highlights where it may require maintenance. It can also help predict how the building will respond to future changes or conditions, making it ideal for what-if scenario planning.

Creating a digital twin

The process of creating a digital twin typically begins as a facility is being designed and constructed, aided by BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management System), discussed here.

Having a digital twin lets you:

  1. Predict maintenance needs because you can monitor systems performance.
  2. Save money because a good maintenance program costs between 3x and 10x less than run to fail or repair. Practicing preventive maintenance over reactive can save companies between 12% and 18% annually.
  3. Enable remote monitoring, control and troubleshooting because a digital twin can be accessed anywhere.
  4. Inform decision-making by modeling different scenarios and determining, for example, how adjustments affect performance or whether changes or additions are financially feasible.
  5. Optimize operations by speeding response times, reducing downtime and testing and implementing operating enhancements.
  6. Plan for the future, including long-term capital planning, budget planning and forecasting, IoT identification and implementation, predictive analysis, and renovations and remodeling.

We are working with Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ at Delaware Beaches and other organizations to create, implement, and maintain a digital twin for their facilities. The digital twin allows their operations team to track their daily maintenance more effectively, systematize their preventive maintenance, track assets across the property, and more! See more about our services

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